Do you think with heart or head? Illusion will reveal truth!

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This is new optical illusion It reveals whether you are more likely to align with your heart or head when making an important decision – and it all depends on which animal that you see in the picture first.

So, what are the animals hiding in the picture, and what would your personality reveal if you saw each one first?

Here’s everything you need to know.

What is an optical illusion?

The optical illusion shows an elephant, a lion, an ostrich, and a bird hiding in plain sight.

The animal you see first reveals if you are a rational thinker who tends to go with your head, or if you are more emotional and more likely to think with your heart.

So, what do you see in this image below?

The animal you see first in this picture reveals whether you think with your heart or your head.

Where did the optical illusion come from?

Optical Illusion was created and shared by Jackpotjoy, which is home to an array of online bingo, live casino and slot games.

What does it say about me if I see an elephant first?

If you are attracted to an elephant, your head is more likely to lead you than your heart – thinking about big decisions and weighing everything

Pros and cons, rather than jumping in quickly.

The elephant also indicates various other personality traits including confidence, calmness, and the ability to reassure and comfort others when needed.

People who spot the elephant first are also more likely to be trusted and have great communication skills which can make them more

Suitable to be a leader.

What does it say about me if I see a lion first?

If you are more attracted to a Leo, you are more likely to decide things on impulsiveness and follow your heart over your head.

Seeing a lion also defines you as a person who is likely to be very energetic and strong, with a strong personality and a sense of impulsiveness.

People who have seen a lion first may also notice that he’s not great when it comes to attention to detail, preferring to focus on the bigger picture instead. However it is also likely that

They are highly dependable and have a rational voice that can help settle disputes.

What does he say about me if I see an ostrich first?

While these large birds have been known to bury their heads in the sand, those who see an ostrich first in this photo likely have excellent instincts, and therefore trust their heart

Seeing an ostrich also defines you as someone who is likely to be confident and motivated by a curiosity to learn.

You’re also likely to be very extroverted, and thrive best when you’re surrounded by friends and family. Ostriches must rely on their instincts to survive predators and be able to calm down under tremendous pressure.

While you are more instinctive than rational, if you see an ostrich, you will likely do well under pressure or on your own, and in large groups.

What would it say about me if I saw flying birds first?

If you notice birds flying above the tree before anything else, you are most likely a logical thinker who tends to trust your head above your heart.

You will likely value your freedom and spontaneity above all else.

Although you may be able to make last-minute or quick decisions when needed, you’d prefer to think things through first rather than indulging in them.

Although you may seem quite relaxed, you are also likely to always have the bigger picture in mind – just like a bird soaring through the sky.

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