Cousin of Dahmer victim slams Netflix series

Errol was Dahmer’s known victim No. 11

The Netflix Monster: Jeffrey Dahmer’s story has been met with fairly good reviews across the board. Rotten Tomatoes gave it a freshness rating of 67 percent; Metacritic scored 47 on average.

However, Errol Lindsay’s family claimed that creators Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan did not ask permission to film his story. They’ve been incredibly vocal about the series on Twitter, calling it “re-shock” and “wild.”

Errol, Dahmer’s 11th known victim, was only 19 when he met the serial killer. He was murdered in a really gruesome way – and his sister, Rita Espel, infamously yelled at Dahmer during his trial. A clip comparing Netflix’s real-life demo video has since gone viral.

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quote tweet clip; Errol’s cousin, Eric, spoke of his family’s trauma, as he had to relive these events all over again.

“I don’t tell anyone what they’re watching,” he said, “I know the real crime media is just huge.” “But if I really care about the victims, my family (Isbells) is pissed off with this show. They get shocked over and over again, and why? How many movies/shows/documentaries do we need?”

He continued, “Like remaking my cousin who had an emotional breakdown in court in the face of the man who tortured and killed her brother is WILD. WIIIILD.”

People quickly responded to Eric’s claims that Netflix did not ask permission from the family before recreating Rita’s meltdown. One replied, “As someone who is interested in ‘true crime’, this is despicable.” “Films/documents should never be made about real-life killers/victims unless they have the express permission of the victims’ families and those families give permission for whatever is included. And one is sufficient.”

Another said: “My heart goes out to you and your family.” “I can’t imagine recreating the worst part of your life and making it your entertainment. I’m so sorry and I hope this tweet gets the attention it deserves.”

The tab has reached out to Netflix for comment.

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