Chelsea commercial director sacked over ‘inappropriate texts’!

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Chelsea will look for a new commercial director after sacking Damian Willoughby just four weeks in the job

The now former Chelsea commercial director had previously worked with the Blues from 2007 to 2010 in addition to his work with Manchester City and EA Sports, but his most recent stint at the club lasted just four weeks.

Kim is the founder and CEO of C&P Sports Group and has lent his support to British real estate mogul Nick Candy’s bid to buy the Blues, before US league Todd Boehley was finally able to complete the acquisition in May.

Todd Boyle, the new owner of Chelsea

What did Chelsea say?

“Evidence of inappropriate messages sent by Mr Willoughby, prior to his appointment to Chelsea FC earlier this month, was recently submitted to the club and is being investigated.

“While they were dispatched prior to his appointment to the club, such behavior is completely at odds with the workplace environment and corporate culture created by the club’s new ownership.

Club owners work tirelessly to set and achieve the highest standards on and off the field, and we are determined to nurture a culture of transparency, accountability, inclusion, diversity and opportunity.

“The club is committed to creating an environment that embodies these values.”

Who is Catalina Kim?

Ms. Kim is a football finance agent and owner of a sports agency company.

Born in Seoul, South Korea, Kim is currently the sole agent of Asian football in Europe. She has a background in the fashion industry in addition to her work at the South Korean Embassy in London.

She soon founded her own sports agency, C&P Sports, which employs 28 people in London, Frankfurt and Seoul. The company has brokered multi-million pound deals between Asian brands and European football clubs as well as advising on commercial viability across the Premier League, La Liga, La Liga, First Division and the Bundesliga.

The duo is believed to have first met in 2015 when Mr Willoughby was vice president of partnership sales for City Football Clubs, a group of clubs including Manchester City, with which Kim has been working on various deals.

In an interview with We Are The City, Kim spoke about the sexism and racism she has experienced throughout her career: “The world of European football hasn’t worked with women or Asians until very recently.

“So when I experience sexism and racism in the marketplace, I am willing to make time for my peers to get to know me and learn how to work with non-white European males.

“I wish that understanding and acceptance would progress faster, but the truth is it’s progressing.”

What is reported to have happened?

It was first reported that Kim reported the incidents shortly after Willoughby’s employment with Chelsea was confirmed.

The C&P founder has held talks with Tom Gleick, head of business at Chelsea, on behalf of foreign investors who are willing to spend hundreds of millions of pounds in blues academies.

However, these conversations soon stalled when Mr. Willoughby was added to the equation. Kim has reportedly sent several screenshots of the messages she received from Mr. Willoughby to Mr. Glick.

The 38-year-old football agent also alleged that she was sexually harassed prior to hiring him in west London, as well as claiming that she felt threatened over the phone.

It was not long before Mr. Willoughby was informed of the termination of his contract with the Blues with immediate effect.

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