Camilla Parker-Bowles TikTok mask conspiracy theory explained

“Something looks like with Camila…”

If there’s one thing TikTok loves it’s a conspiracy theory, you won’t find a single beast of the theory that Queen Consort Camilla Parker Bowles is currently walking around wearing a full-over-head mask – where people think someone else is underneath. We’re on a wild ride guys.

Zoom on the neck, says Tik Tok

The TikTok conspiracy theory that UK Queen Camilla Parker-Bowles is wearing some hybrid, over a skin mask comes from Zoom Art. On TikToks discussing this theory, Camila pictures a zoom in on her neck which shows some skin that looks a little raised compared to the rest. This leads people to believe that it may not be the actual Camila there, but someone else walking around. every little thing Doctor fromto be honest with you.

“Something looks like with Camila…”

TikTok comments are predictably brutal, but they are all very iconic. “Diana’s Secret!” one shouted. Some were more thoughtful, with one saying “I think she was freaked out, and all eyes are on her too. I don’t think she likes to be center stage and I don’t actually blame her,” – with another person explaining to her as “I think it’s called old age and almost a day.” ” fair enough.

“This is Diana’s latest act of revenge – I support women’s rights but more importantly, I support women’s wrongs,” said one of them. The favorite, and perhaps the most relevant of all the Camilla Parker-Bowles TikTok conspiracy theory comments, though, has to be as follows:

“I think it’s wrinkled love.”

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