Belial! Behemoth! Beelzebub! Where does TikTok’s evil pet sound come from?

So there’s the evil pet TikTok trend doing the ATM rounds that involves people uploading damn pictures of their furry friends in the form of a slideshow on the app. Pets always rattle, burp at their owners or gnaw at their teeth. And the sound is equally sinister. It’s like high-pitched, satanic, choral music and the lyrics are: “Bilial! Behemoth! Beelzebub! Asmodus! Satan! Lucifer!”

If you still don’t know what I’m talking about, here’s an example:

The idea behind this trend is to either show what our pets are like or at least show the demonic side of our cats and dogs. But where does TikTok’s haunting, sinister sound come from? Here’s everything we know:

TikTok audio is an excerpt from Year Zero by Ghost

The sound is an excerpt from a track by the mysterious rock band Ghost. The 2o13 song in question is called Year Zero ane and includes lyrics that have now been paired with this new scary TikTok trend. All words used in this direction are nicknames for Satan.

Restrain me but I actually think the whole song is kind of pop. Here is the full music video:

Here are some TikTok clips of evil pets

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