“You saved your reputation,” Urvashi Rautela continues to fight publicly with Rishabh Pant with a new dig at him in Instagram Post, responding with a story

With over 54 million followers on Instagram, Urvashi Rautela is immensely popular on the internet due to her fight with Rishabh Pant which took a new turn with another post shortly after posting a story

The problem started when the actress said in a recent interview with Bollywood Hungama that “Mr. RP” was waiting in the lobby to meet her at a New Delhi event. However, the meeting was canceled because Urvashi, exhausted from the event, fell asleep before realizing that there had been “16-17 missed calls”.

Urvashi Rautela continues to fight Rishabh Pant in public with a new dig at him in Instagram Post, responding with a story

After the interview was revealed, Rishabh Pant, India’s top officer, responded on Instagram before hastily deleting it. This led to a row, to which Urvashi responded before Pant posted a teasing story on Instagram on Sunday.

Rishabh Pant and Urvashi Rautela The struggle on social media is still going on

On social media, Urvashi Rautella and her alleged ex-boyfriend Rishabh Pant are engaged in a quiet argument. On social media app, people are harassing each other one by one because they are cheating each other. Fans are responding to Urvashi’s Pant hit she made yesterday while posting a video of her with a vague explanation. To view it, scroll down below.

A hugely prominent personality on social media, Urvashi has more than 54 million followers on Instagram. The attractive woman is very active on the photo-sharing site, giving her followers a glimpse into her daily life. Now that Pant and Rautela are constantly making fun of each other on social media platforms and fooling themselves, the members are having fun making fun of them.

Let’s move on to the latest developments. Urvashi Rautela posted a video of herself on Instagram with the statement, “You preserved your reputation by not revealing my side of the story.”

Do you see her making fun of her ex-boyfriend Rishabh Pant?

Fans are now tired of this epic

Someone on Instagram responded to her video by writing the pair of pants that gifted her this outfit. Another fan wrote that Urvashi is still angry with Pant. Another fan pleaded with her to end the saga because Pant needed to focus on the upcoming Asian Cup.

Rishabh also didn’t catch himself

The online conflict between Indian bat keeper Rishabh Pant and Bollywood actress Urvashi Rautella has taken a new turn. The cricketer posted a mysterious Instagram story on Tuesday in response to Urvashi’s latest Instagram post, which was in turn a response to Pant’s previously deleted comment on the social media site. This was done in the midst of controversy.

“If you don’t make a sacrifice for what you want, what you want becomes a sacrifice,” according to Pant’s tale. Earlier, Pant also shared a story with the advice: “Don’t worry about the things you can’t control.”

What do you think of people pulling Rishabh’s name in Urvashi Rautella’s comment section video?

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