The Sandman Season 1 Netflix Ending Explained and Story Will Gwendoline Christie Lucifer have a more prominent role in Season 2

After spending nearly two decades in production hell, Neil Gaiman performed live-action The Sandman for the first time on Netflix, see the show’s explained ending.

The ten-episode miniseries from the “American Gods” author has stayed true to its hype by being one of the best fantasy dramas of the year. It ensures that future fantasy dramas like “House of the Dragon” on HBO and the Prime video “The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power” will have a clear slate. Although “Lucifer,” a Netflix original series, is partially inspired by Gaiman’s comic book, it also contains many entirely new characters.

The Sandman Season 1 Netflix Ending Explained, Storyline, Will Gwendolyn Christie’s Lucifer Have a More Notable Role in Season Two

Lucifer’s role

Despite the fact that Lucifer doesn’t necessarily play a big role in The Sandman, which establishes the second season, the character of Gwendolin Christie will undoubtedly play a crucial role in the next episode. First, a little preface before analyzing the epilogue and looking into the future of Morpheus, often known as The Dream, is portrayed by Tom Sturridge.

When he learns that Dream Vortex in the form of Rose Walker, a 21-year-old lady (Vanesu Samunyai), inadvertently capable of destroying the planet, drama follows him as he attempts to fend off a mortal danger. When you begin to build enough strength to undermine the barrier separating the waking world from the land of fantasy, things will start to go awry.

What does the end of The Sandman mean: Will Lucifer play a bigger role in Season 2?

The Dream story was resolved in the final moments of Chapter 10, but Lucifer wasn’t good enough, so Season 2 will have an antagonist. When a character by the name of Azazel contacts Satan, he gives him the option to travel to the world of dreams and exact revenge.

Those who watched the show will remember the fight between the two in Episode 4, in which Dream wins. While Dream has been nurturing her revenge, Azazel’s motive may be just what she needs. The demons shout her name as the screen fades in an ominous tone, announcing that she will bring Morpheus to his knees.

While there’s no official word on the renewal, it’s inevitable that Netflix will definitely approve a second season given the growing and enthusiastic response. The details of the narrative are hard to predict, but there’s a chance the volume 4 version of Gaiman: Season of Mists will see another showdown between the two when Morpheus travels to Hell to save a person named Nada.

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