Inside the case of Stacey Castor after poison murder of her husband & ex before she tried to kill and frame her daughter!

A WOMAN called 911 after her husband locked himself in the bedroom for more than a day.

Stacey Castor was worried about her husband, David Castor, and told a 911 dispatcher, “I’m really scared, you know?”


Stacey Castor killed her husband and tried to blame her daughter for the crimeCredit: ABC
Stacey married David Castor in 2003 before his mysterious death in 2005, believed to be a suicide.


Stacey married David Castor in 2003 before his mysterious death in 2005, believed to be a suicide.Credit: ABC
Stacey's ex-husband Michael Wallace also died in 2000 under mysterious circumstances.


Stacey’s ex-husband Michael Wallace also died in 2000 under mysterious circumstances.Credit: ABC

An officer who arrived at the scene was able to enter a locked room in the family’s home in Syracuse, New York.

Inside, David, 48, was found naked and unresponsive in the couple’s bed, vomiting.

Next to him was a glass of green liquid on the bedside table and a container full of antifreeze on the floor.

“It appears to be a simple suicide by antifreeze poisoning,” said Sergeant Michael Norton of the Onondaga County Sheriff’s Office.

Before her death, Stacey Castor targeted her husband and daughter
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David was said to have been deeply depressed just a few months before his father’s death on August 22, 2005.

But despite the medical examiner’s ruling that her death was a case of antifreeze poisoning and suicide, investigators were not sure she took her own life.

No suicide notes were found at the scene, and David, a hunter, often kept a pistol under his bed, making his choice of poisoning to end his life strange.

David’s ex-wife, Janice Puissant Farmer, insisted that he did not kill himself.

Stacey and David met in 2001 after he hired her as a secretary at a heating and air conditioning company.

They married a few years later in 2003, a second for each, giving Stacey two teenage daughters, Ashely and Bree, who became close with their stepfather.

Before marrying David, Stacey was married to Michael Wallace, whom she met at the age of 17.

The two were married for more than a decade before Michael’s death in 2000, when doctors said he died of a heart attack.


Suspicion begins to grow when David’s headstone is found next to Michael’s during David’s funeral, prompting the detectives to begin searching for Stacey as more than just a grieving widow.

A small amount of antifreeze and turkey meat with David’s DNA were found in the family’s home.

Stacey’s fingerprints were also found on a bottle of antifreeze next to David’s body, indicating that a baster was used to force the liquid into David.

However, before any charges could be filed against Stacey, investigators needed more evidence, which led them to look into the death of her first husband.

Detectives learned that three months before his death, Michael had complained to his doctor about feeling intoxicated despite not drinking alcohol.

“This is a classic symptom of antifreeze poisoning,” said District Attorney Bill Fitzpatrick.

Antifreeze poisoning, or ethylene glycol toxicity, leaves crystals in the body, said medical expert Dr. Katherine Maloney.

But in order to find out whether the crystals were present, it was necessary to exhume Michael’s body.

“The truth can be buried in the ground for years,” Fitzpatrick said.

Michael was secretly exhumed in September 2007, as Stacey’s actions were being secretly monitored to keep her in the dark about what was happening.

Crystals consistent with antifreeze poisoning were found in Michael’s body, and detectives speculated that Stacey was behind the crime.

Both her marriages to Michael and Said were believed to have soured shortly before each of the men died.

“It was the easiest way to get rid of somebody,” Onondaga County Sheriff’s Office Detective Dominick Spinelli said, adding that Stacey “didn’t have to go through a messy divorce.”

Fitzpatrick called the deaths “in cold blood.”


Stacey was brought to the station to be questioned about David’s death and she said “I poured antifreeze on him, I mean cranberry juice”.

Stacey said she became confused and ended the interview after investigators called her a slip-up before she was shown a photo of the turkey stuffer.

A week after the exhumation, Stacey made another cold call to 911, claiming that her daughter, Ashley, had tried to kill herself with a lethal mixture of alcohol and pills.

This time Ashley had a suicide note in which she confessed to killing her father and stepfather. The word “antifree” was written four times on the typewritten note.

Ashley would survive and was questioned by detectives at the hospital, who claimed they didn’t know what they were talking about.

“I did not kill my father,” he said. “I did not kill my stepfather. I didn’t try to kill myself. You need to talk to my mother for answers.”

Later, after searching Stacy’s computer, it was determined that the “confession” note had been compiled while Ashley was at school.

Stacey would eventually be charged with David’s murder and attempted murder of his daughter Ashley four years after his death.

He was sentenced to 51 years in prison without parole.

Authorities did not file charges in Michael Wallace’s murder because he remains behind bars for the rest of his life.

Seven years after her sentence, Stacey Castor died of a heart attack at the age of 48.

ABC’s 20/20 is a popular true crime mystery program created by Muir and Amy Robach.

David’s episode of 20/20: Fatal Flaw- On The Rocks is scheduled to premiere on ABC on August 5, 2022 at 8:00 PM EST.

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David’s murder and Ashely’s attempted murder were previously told in the Lifetime film Poisoned Love: Stacey Castor.

When investigators began investigating her, Stacey attempted to kill her daughter and tried to cover it up with a fake suicide note.


When investigators began investigating her, Stacey attempted to kill her daughter and tried to cover it up with a fake suicide note.Credit: ABC
Stacey was sentenced to 51 years to life in prison for David's murder, and would later die in prison.


Stacey was sentenced to 51 years to life in prison for David’s murder, and would later die in prison.Credit: Courtesy of David Castor Jr.

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