Dollar store ALWAYS knows when you’re stealing & staff have 3 ways to raise alarm – difference to Walmart self-checkout!

The ONE dollar store always knows when a customer is shoplifting, and employees have three ways to raise the alarm — unlike Walmart’s self-checkout policy.

With more than 17,000 stores in 46 US states, Dollar General has in-store surveillance systems to prevent shoplifting.


Dollar General has in-store surveillance systems to prevent shopliftingCredit: Getty

Thousands of different discount stores have interactive security monitoring services, panic buttons and two-way phones. Query Sprout.

Security monitoring systems apparently consist of surveillance cameras with external agents.

When an agent witnesses suspicious activity, Dollar General employees are alerted, allowing shoppers to say over the loudspeaker that they’re being watched by security cameras, the consumer blog reports.

“Thousands of stores in high-crime neighborhoods or prone to incidents are monitored by outside security agents” CNN reports.

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In addition, panic buttons and two-way phones are reported to be used when employees feel anxious.

Dollar General’s security system, however, does not have facial recognition technology like the cameras used at Walmart, which can decipher the identity of a thief.

Query Sprout also explains how Dollar General’s written shoplifting policy states that “no employee shall ever touch a shoplifter or leave the store in pursuit of a shoplifter.”

The company also employs loss prevention staff who will “advise on security measures, investigate theft and coordinate with Dollar General and government agencies to ensure all loss prevention tactics are appropriate and legal,” according to the consumer advocate’s website.

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Finally, the store also employs security guards who are usually stationed at Dollar General entrances or exits.

The Sun reached out to Dollar General for comment, but did not immediately receive a response.

Meanwhile, Walmart also reportedly knows when its customers are stealing, even without looking at security cameras.

A former Walmart employee who goes by @obeygoddess on TikTok revealed a store secret to her followers.

“What you don’t know now is that Walmart employees who work in the self-checkout area carry devices called TC devices,” he said.

“With these TC devices, we can see everything you bought, how much your total purchase was, and how much each item cost.”

If an employee suspects a shopper is stealing, he or she can use the devices to stop the checkout process — while the customer sees a frozen screen.

This will cause the customer to call for help and prompt the employee to come to you.

He said: “If you’ve got stuff in your bags and you’re stealing, they’ll take everything out of the bag and say, ‘Don’t worry, we’ll call you to another car, there must be something. wrong in that.’

“And at that point, they’ll take you to the main counter where the actual person is to cash out.”

Just because employees have these devices doesn’t mean they don’t use surveillance cameras.

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A lawyer on TikTok has advised followers to avoid self-checkout altogether because big-box companies will blame lost inventory on buyers, even if they don’t intend to steal it.

Although Walmart has a strict “no stalking” policy, they will follow you and call the police if necessary. Business Insider informed.

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