Michael Mann honors James Caan

Upon learning of James Caan’s death, Michael Mann relayed a powerful statement to diverseWhere he praised the talents of the actor. Mann wrote, “Not only was Jimmy a great actor with complete commitment and an adventurous spirit, but he had vitality at the core of his being.”

Mann also eloquently praised Kahn’s sense of street humor and his penchant for sharing candid Hollywood stories throughout his life. “There was a core of values ​​within him about how people should be, to a certain extent. They might be mutable, angles could be rounded off with urban irony, but there was a line and it was irreplaceable. It produced many outrageous and hilarious tales.”

As Mann’s collaborator on Thief, Kahn had access to a raw character performance he had previously revealed in The Godfather—a fact Mann was well aware of. “Frank is half Frank and half Jimmy. The character and the guy – like Sonny in The Godfather – were made for each other.”

Sonny Corleone is arguably Kahn’s most famous role, but he was especially proud of his work alongside Mann on “Thief”. ‘Which – which [diner scene] “It’s the thing I’m most proud of,” Kahn said during the film’s oral history. movie score. “I found out at the actor’s studio that they picked this scene and gave it to some of their advanced students to do. So, that’s kind of a big feather in my hat.”

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