God of War Ragnarok ‘still on track for November’, game ‘huge’

Bloomberg journalist Jason Schreyer has reassured God of War fans that the 2018 Santa Monica Studio sequel is still on track for release in November. in Posted on ResetErasays the game is still about to launch in November “as of this week”, and the team behind it is “very excited”.

After speaking to sources, Schreyer explains, “I can categorically say that there was a release date/pre-order announcement planned for yesterday. It crashed sometime last week. I don’t know why.” Apparently, speculation is that the delay is due to the recent Roe v Wade decision in the US. Sony has postponed its announcements and events in the past due to factual events, with the PS5 premiere in 2020 being postponed due to Black Lives Matter protests at the time.

The writer then goes on to say that because Sony has been trying to keep its secrets very close to its chest, several Santa Monica Studio employees were not told of the company’s initial plans to confirm yesterday’s release date. Although those working on the title are said to be in high spirits toward the sequel. “People working on it say it’s huge and they seem really excited about it. It reminds me of the hype I used to hear before 2018,” Schreyer said.

As one of the industry’s most reliable journalists, Schreier’s post will be welcome news for fans of God of War Ragnarok as it doesn’t look like the game will be delayed until 2023 at the time of writing. This post comes after Tom Henderson first suggested yesterday that it’s the day the game’s release date will be revealed as well as the day the Collector’s Edition will be revealed.

Then it turned out that “fans” of God of War were sending unwanted nudes to studio staff to try and get the release date out of them. “I can’t believe I have to say this but don’t send pictures to anyone on this team, or anyone in the industry for that matter. They hack their ass to make some[thing] to enjoy it. “Show some gentle respect,” Cory Barlog said in response.


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