Blade Runner has become a classic sci-fi movie by being a terrible Philip K. Dick Adaptation

Blade Runner

But leave aside the gorgeous aesthetic Blade Runner (admittedly, it is very difficult to do), if you Just Focus on the story of the film, Blade RunnerHis success is mostly related to how outrageous he is for Dick’s novel. in Are AndroidsAnd the The entire futuristic world is surrounded by a religion called Mercerism. This is a semi-techno-oriented religion, and it encourages its adherents to engage with “sympathy boxes,” tools that can directly affect their moods. Imagine the last Netflix movie spider (Based on a George Saunders story) And you’ll have an idea of ​​how mood-altering sympathy boxes work. Having said that, you will also have to combine this mood-altering feeling with virtual reality, similar to that the matrix or lawn mower manJust totally disappointed. It’s funny that all of these things – Mercerism, empathy boxes, virtual reality religion – are simply Motifs From Dick’s novel. Although it affects the construction of the world, none of these things actually have anything to do with the hunt for Deckard copy Andes.

On top of all this, in the novel, Rachel is not Deckard’s only true love. Yes, they have an affair, but Rachel is basically one of the villains in the book, trying to stop Deckard from doing his job. They also kill his pet’s goat, often because they are really licking. Now, it’s possible that a scene where Sean Young’s Racheal takes on a malevolent role could cause the house to fall. Blade RunnerAnd the But doesn’t it look better as it is?

There are countless other examples of the differences between novel and film. Creating a laundry list of these things is not the point here. More broadly, the actual story of Blade Runner And his characters have nothing to do with the way the book will make you feel. It’s a decent sci-fi novel, but it’s among Dick’s other great books – like OPEC or The policeman said, shed my tears It’s hard to prove Unexcused absence? It really is one of his best books. what makes Blade Runner It’s remarkable that he rejects the pseudo-nihilism of the novel in favor of a slightly more romantic story.

I know, hold your motor horses! How can we contact Blade Runner romantic? Well, by stripping away the darkness and irony of the novel, Blade Runner Practically rom-com. While Deckard’s book presents a series of dead ends for Deckard, the movie provides him with an open door. Whether or not we prefer the studio-imposed “happy ending” Blade Runner – where Rachel and Deckard ride into the countryside – or the “real end” in which they simply climb into the elevator and leave, both endings contain one thing the book is lacking. hopefull.

Blade Runner It is a dark science fiction movie that hides a lot under the surface. beauty Blade Runner Like the light peeking through the dark clouds. You can hardly see it, but because it is obscured, it is even more beautiful. Unexcused absence? Cloudy only. It is not wrong or bad. It’s just that the end of the book will make you sad. The ending – and the full story – of Blade Runner It does the opposite. It makes you feel alive.

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