How does the new scoreboard system work in Overwater 2? replied

Multiple changes in Overwatch 2 will differentiate the game from the original Overwatch game. If you are coming to this game from the first game, when reviewing the scoreboard, you will encounter many unique things that you have not seen before. In this guide, we’ll cover how the new scoreboard system works in Overwatch 2.

Along with past eliminations and deaths, the information you’re used to seeing on the Overwatch scoreboard shows important real-time stats for players on both teams. Now, everyone will see who does the most damage and heal by showing everyone real time on both sides. Not only will you see your teammate’s details and the healing they’re doing, but you can also see your opponent’s info, giving you an idea of ​​who you’d like to focus on as a team. Of course, your opponents can use these details as well.

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When playing with friends, you can use it to measure your progress with a specific champion during a match, rather than waiting for the match to finish to see the results. In addition, you can watch your progress through the game, and measure how the recovery or damage differs in the different stages of the game. When trying out a new character or wanting to know how well you paired up with another character, you can use this information to see how well they sync up together. You’ll need to make sure to check this information throughout the match, but don’t rely on this information too much as it will vary based on skill and playing style.

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